Thursday, June 14, 2012

I like to make stuff...

As stated above I like to make stuff. Stuff with stories and characters more specifically. Sometimes visual ideas are enough for me to get into something, but in most cases it doesn't do much for me unless it has a story I like and characters I find interesting. It was the characters and high concept that appealed to me enough to keep developing Teen High as far as it is and it's what has gotten me interested  in a new project I'm starting to produce some initial designs and scripts for now. So I've decided to dump bits and pieces from the project here as I go along to help keep me motivated and to document it's evolution. It's impossible to finalise a design while you're still developing the creative engine of a project, so nothing posted will ever be final and a lot will probably get thrown out as it evolves. Updates will be infrequent and whenever I get to it too ;). So here are some initial designs of the main protagonist and her mech. I like simple bold shapes in design for strong silhouettes which keeps things easy to read. Like a barre chord on the gee-tar. I haven't done much with Agatha's design yet. I'll probably move onto that next. I'm still debating how much story elements I should divulge on these posts so for now the designs will be out of any meaningful context. The title font has had no love yet either. I'll get to it sooner or later.    

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