Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dark Siders 2 TVC

I'm not sure if this will get played on Australian TV? Not that I would know if it did as I don't watch TV anyway. I haven't watched broadcasted television in close to two years and I can't say I miss it. Fascinating you say? Fine, I'll keep my personal life to myself. Anyway, I'm responsible for the horse (Despair) and rider (Death) shots, along with the demons in the Despair dismount shot. I sunk a bit of time into some nice muscle jiggle action on Despair which didn't seem to come through in the final renders unfortunately. A lot of it is hidden behind the wall of FX igniting from his mane, legs and tail. I found a great slow mo video on youtube of a horse galloping which I used heavily for reference. I ran it through After Effects and made a cycle out of the frames I cherry picked, and spat out a render that was at the speed I wanted my horse to move at. I took that into 3D and did a little roto to get started and then did my own thing with it from there. The more creature work I do the more I love it. I think it's the area in animation i'd most like to specialize in now.

WARNING: 30 seconds of "WTF just happend?" below

Reference footage