Thursday, April 5, 2012

Figaro Pho

So I've been working on a TV series for the last 5 months. It's a neat little project with some amazing talent working on it. I struggle to think of an animated TV series that looks as nice as this.

Happy Feet 2

I had a great time working on this film. The environment was fantastic to work in and by far the best I have experienced (apart from the leaking roof above my desk!). George Miller and Rob Coleman were both really nice guy's and a pleasure to work for. I'm quite proud of this film. How many CG animated features come out of Australia at this level? Pretty happy to have been a small part of at least one of them.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Animation Showreel WIP 2012

Password provided upon enquiry

Rising Sun Pictures Showreel

A couple of shots I worked on from Red Tails made it into the latest RSP showreel. Werd.

If you don't know what Red Tails is check out the trailer below